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To all of our friends, followers, supporters, partners, neighbors, employees, family, donors, and savvy shoppers:

We cannot thank you enough for your support over years. We have lived, learned, and laughed with you, and we will always remember the countless connections we made at Rung Boutique.

Your donations and purchases helped us help hundreds of women in and around the St. Louis region. Your thoughtful and generous contributions warmed our hearts every day and made Rung Boutique a warm and welcoming place for women and their children (and a few men from time to time too).

From Happy Hours to Fashion Shows, every moment at Rung Boutique was beneficial and inspiring. Because of your input and support, Rung will soon transform into a new organization, helping St. Louis women and children in more impactful ways. All of the ways Rung has given, and will continue to give, back to the community are owed to your continual encouragement, generosity, and support. You’re invited to stay connected to Rung as we transform, and Rung is committed to keeping the community informed as updates on the progress of the new Rung are available.

Stay fashionable, philanthropic, and passionate about the causes that are important to you!

Thank you from all of us at Rung