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Rung Boutique’s Contributions to the Community, 2010 to 2017

Rung Boutique was an incredible springboard toward the development of the organization’s transformation into a new nonprofit helping women and their children achieve economic sustainability. All that the Boutique accomplished over the years is worth noting.

From 2010 to 2017, Rung Boutique:

  • Contributed almost $48,000 to the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis, Nurses for Newborns, and several other agencies helping women and children in St. Louis.
  • Donated more than $50,000 worth of clothing and accessories to almost 500 women in need.
  • Provided more than $23,000 in consignment income to local female artists and designers.
  • Donated more than $5,600 to local women’s and children’s charities via sales of their merchandise.
  • Touched countless lives by caring for every person who walked through its doors.
  • Offered educational and outreach opportunities like job readiness programs, personal styling services for women in need, internships for high school and college students, and more.

Rung is thankful to the St. Louis community for its loyal and continued support as well as its passion and enthusiasm for helping women and children in need. The Boutique staff, the volunteers, the partner agencies, the customers, the donors, and all the women the Boutique has helped have collectively contributed to Rung’s new endeavor.